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Our History

Tokyo Lutheran Church started in Koishikawa, Tokyo in 1912, and moved to the present location in 1923. Since then, we have served the Okubo community for over eighty-seven years. Over the years, we have experienced such Japanese historical tragedies as the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Pacific War. In 1996, the deteriorating church building that was famous for the ivy that covered the church building was rebuilt and became the memorial to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The English Worship Service at Tokyo Lutheran Church started in October of 1988, to better serve the English speaking community in Okubo and the surrounding areas. The English Worship Service is served by pastors of the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church and missionary pastors sent and sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Today, the service has grown and is attended by believers from all parts of the world, becoming a central part of their life in Japan.

If you would like Pastoral care in Counseling, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage or would like to become a Member or Guest Member of Tokyo Lutheran Church, please feel free to call upon our Pastors at any time. You are always welcome at Tokyo Lutheran Church!